Our General Practitioner consultations are conducted by specialized physicians in Internal Medicine with several years of experience in dealing with foreign and national patients. You can book an appointment for a consultation in Portuguese, English or French.

Dr. Miguel Ribeiro (Clinical Director) - Internal Medicine
Dr. Louis Teulières - Internal Medicine | Immunotherapy
Dr. Raquel Rosado e Costa - Internal Medicine


Our Clinic has over the years established exclusivity agreements with embassies such as Australia, Canada or New Zealand, to carry out medical examinations within the scope of obtaining visas for people who intend to study or work in those countries. If you want to know more about medical examinations for visas and their procedures, please contact our Clinic.

Dr. Francisco Henriques

Dr. João Gustavo Ferraz

Dra. Ana Cristina Vaz

Dra. Ana Brasileiro

Prof. Dr. Nuno Neuparth

Dr. Louis Teuliéres

Dr. Miguel Ribeiro (Clinical Director)
Dr. Louis Teuliéres
Dra. Raquel Rosado e Silva

Dra. Matilde Lucena
Dra. Teresa Cabedo

Dra. Margarida Rebolo

Dra. Maria João Ibérico Nogueira

Dr. Bernardo Costa

Prof. Dra. Carol Gouveia e Melo
Dra. Mary Jolly

Dr. Filipe Félix Almeida
Dra. Joana Pereira Romão


The Traveler Consultation or Travel Medicine Consultation is aimed at all those who wish to travel outside their country of residence. CMIL is an accredited private Medical Clinic that provides this consultation with a specialist doctor in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, able to guide you through the various tests and procedures recommended and sometimes required for your travels.

Dr. Miguel Ribeiro (Clinical Director) - Internal Medicine


In our Clinic we conduct several diagnostic tests, including Cardiac Examinations, Biopsies and Blood and Urine Analysis. CMIL has an appointment priority agreement with IMI – Integrated Medical Images, located 150 meters from our door, for X-rays, Ultrasounds, Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MRI) Examinations, and an agreement with SYNLAB – Laboratory Analysis, for clinical analysis.

Radiology, CT and MRI exams
Cardiac exams
Biopsis, Blood and Urine tests
Serological Immunity Tests IgG and IgM - COVID-19


At CMIL you can count on the vast experience of our medical professionals for the effective integration between Health and Beauty, so that your internal health matches your external beauty. Through the hands of our certified nutritionist or our reconstructive plastic surgery doctor you will look and feel great.

Dr. Maria João Ibérico Nogueira - Certified Dietitien
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