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“Beyond Darwin – The Program Hypothesis” by Dr. Miguel Ribeiro

“Beyond Darwin – The Program Hypothesis” is the latest work of Dr. Miguel Ribeiro, our esteemed medical director at CMIL – Clínica Médica Internacional de Lisboa and specialist in Internal Medicine.

Following the subject of his previous book “Universo Programado – uma alternativa ao Darwinismo e à Religião“, the author returns to the age old question of where have we came from and where are we going to. By presenting to the reader the established scientific views, and all theories related, the author presents compelling arguments that will invariably shake the status quo.

Darwinism came to influence all science because the emergence of life as an accident and evolution by random mutation, as claimed by this theory, imply a purposeless and random universe. This view collides with the increasingly popular theories of the universe as information – like a computer, a hologram or a simulation – because the transmission of information is unachievable by chance.
Thus, “randomness is unable to generate complexity” is the core premise of this computer view of the universe, in which the finely tunes constants of nature and laws of physics are set parameters of the hypothesized program, rather than a phenomenal string of coincidences. The book focuses on presenting a model of the emergence an evolution of life consistent with the universe as information – accordingly, adaptive mutation, a functional junk DNA, sentience and life as algorithms uphold the notion of the genome as software.

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