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Pronokal® Method – your weight-loss program

Do you feel that the market is saturated with miraculous diets? Promising outstanding results in record time, only to get back to your starting weight? Or worse, to end up with even more weight than the one you started with?

Pronokal® Method arises as the answer to these problems!!

What is it?

It is a multidisciplinary weight loss program, with mandatory follow-up of a doctor certified by the brand Pronokal®, which will help you lose weight in a healthy and phased manner, with no return. Composed of three steps, the program is based on the combination of a specially developed protein diet, with rigorous monitoring by specialists in various fields – nutrition, physical activity, coaching, etc.

How it works?

Similar to so many other diets that are based on protein intake and reduction of sugar intake, the Pronokal® diet uses the body’s ketosis mechanism to accelerate the weight loss process, thus requiring rigorous medical follow-up. However, the similarities with other weight loss regimes end there, as the Pronokal® Method represents so much more!

Protein consumption is controlled. In this way, damage and wear of the liver and kidneys caused by protein overload are avoided (common side effect of hyperproteic diets).

The Steps

The Pronokal® Method is divided into 3 steps (after the initial consultation – Step 0):

Step 0 — The program starts with a medical consultation at CMIL, to clarify all steps of the Method and define the program that is best indicated for the patient. Includes medical evaluation with mandatory electrocardiogram prescription and complete routine and hormonal analysis. Due to the priority service agreements that CMIL maintains with IMI – Integrated Medical Imaging and SYNLAB Laboratory (both only a few meters away), it is possible to complete this step in only one consultation (as long as the patient is fasting), with the prescribing of the examinations and analysis, their conclusion and subsequent medical evaluation.

Step 1 — The so-called “Active” stage represents the phase of greater and faster weight loss, about 80%. This is the Pronokal® Protein Diet‘s stage, customized according to the flavours and meals selected by the patient. It is through the combination of Pronokal® products with nutritionally allowed foods that up to 80% of excess weight is eliminated.

Step 2 — The phase of “Food Re-Education” and “Physiological Adaptation”, in which regular food is progressively incorporated into the diet and the body adapts to the physiological changes. It is the longest stage, in which the patient seeks to adopt new healthy eating and lifestyle habits, accounting for about 20% of the total weight loss.

Step 3 — The final stage, the “Maintenance”, in which the patient, through a balanced diet and regular physical activity, seeks to maintain the weight loss in the long term, being followed by the multidisciplinary team for up to two years.

CMIL – International Medical Clinic of Lisbon is proud to be part of the worldwide network of clinics that offer the Pronokal® Method among its services. More than 450.000 patients have been treated worldwide with this method, what are you waiting for?!

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