Dr. Luis Teixeira





Professional Activity:

Dr. Luís Teixeira (MD), specialized in Orthopedics and Traumatology by the Hospitals of University of Coimbra (2006), was the first Portuguese doctor to obtain the European Spine Course Diploma, by the Eurospine Foundation in 2014. As the General Manager (and founder) of Spine Center — Cirurgia da Coluna since 2013 (Coimbra), Dr. Luís performed in June 2013 the first Neuro-navegation guided spinal column surgery with 3D image control in Portugal.

Spine Center — Cirurgia da Coluna is the biggest private unit for spinal column surgery in Portugal, and the only certified by ISO 9001. Consisting of a multidisciplinary team involving doctors of various specialities, it brings an innovative and unheard concept integrating the most modern technology and knowledge in the diagnosis and medical-surgical treatment of the spine, giving special emphasis to minimally invasive techniques.

As a response to the increasing demand for medical care linked to pathologies of the spinal column by patients from the Greater Lisbon Area, a partnership was developed with CMIL – International Medical Clinic of Lisbon – to create a Unit for the Evaluation and Study of the Pathology of the Spinal Column, at our facilities in Lisbon.

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